The idea to create Cookienovo arose in the spring of 2022, when the GDPR amendment came into force and cookies are used on almost every website. The founders of Cookienovo, MatΓΊΕ‘ and Michal, had experience in the world of e-commerce and needed a cookie bar for their own projects. Unfortunately, there was no available alternative for the Slovak market, because similar existing solutions did not offer a local language mutation or even did not meet the main attributes required by law.

And since they don't like half-assed solutions, they decided to create a solution for their own needs, which was audited by AKFU law office. During the development of the application, due to high costs, they changed their intention and decided to offer the application to other clients.

They programmed Cookienovo in dozens of world languages and offered a favorable price program even for small companies, while they provide Cookienovo for free forever to non-profit organizations, schools and various educational programs.